descriptionA 'not so minimal anymore' daemon for programmed in Perl
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2011-11-19 Paul Buetow... Masterversion
2011-11-19 Paul Buetow... Typo
2011-11-19 Paul Buetow... Release v1.2.1 v1.2.1
2011-06-21 Paul BuetowMinor fix
2011-06-18 Paul BuetowUsing a thread safe message queue for logging, preparin...
2011-06-18 Paul BuetowExample 2 added for threads testing
2011-06-14 Paul BuetowNew brainstorming
2011-06-13 Paul BuetowSome typos and more documentation
2011-06-13 Paul BuetowTypo
2011-06-13 Paul BuetowTypo and initial 1.3-devel
2011-06-13 Paul BuetowPlenking
2011-06-13 Paul BuetowReleased PerlDaemon v1.2
2011-06-06 Paul BuetowIncluded use strict and use warnings pragmas v1.2
2011-06-06 Paul BuetowInitial correct handling of time carryings
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